How much does Tango cost?

Tango’s pricing begins at 15 bps and declines to as low as 7 bps, depending on the amount of assets in the program.

What makes the GOE platform within Tango special?

Franklin Templeton’s Goals Optimization Engine (GOE™) is a patent-pending, highly innovative approach to actively managing risk in client portfolios, backed by award-winning research. GOE uses dynamic programming, a powerful algorithm, and machine learning to adjust the asset allocation in individual portfolios for each goal an investor may have. GOE enables truly personalized goals-based wealth management at scale for any number of investors with any number of goals.

How quickly can my firm deploy Tango?

Tango is the only end-to-end digital wealth solution on the market that performs truly personalized goals-based wealth management, offers a white label user interface, and has clearing and custody built in. The specific timeframe for rollout and launch will depend on a handful of configuration choices, but Tango is designed for rapid deployment with minimal effort from your team.

What’s the difference between rebalancing and reallocating?

Traditional portfolio management involves setting the asset allocation in a portfolio to achieve a certain level of risk. As asset prices rise and fall, the allocation naturally shifts from its original position. “Rebalancing” is the periodic reset of the allocation to its starting point. “Re-allocating,” on the other hand, involves periodically assessing progress of the portfolio toward a specified goal and determining the appropriate asset mix. In other words, instead of regularly rebalancing to maintain a static level of risk through time, GOE periodically assesses the progress toward the goal and allocates to a higher or lower level of risk in the portfolio, seeking to maximize the probability of achieving the goal.

What does it mean that Tango is goals-based?

It’s all about delivering better outcomes. An individual portfolio is created for each goal an investor has. GOE evaluates and resets the asset allocation throughout the time horizon of each goal, seeking to maximize the probability that each goal will be reached.

Which investment professionals should offer Tango to their clients?

Financial professionals who want to devote more time to client-facing, value-add activities will find Tango to be a powerful ally for increasing their capacity. With Tango handling the creation, funding, and ongoing asset allocation of goal-specific portfolios, financial professionals can grow their business by adding mass affluent clients that would have not produced sufficient ROI previously. Tango can be a great way to establish relationships with high-net-worth clients of the future.

Does Tango provide advice beyond managing portfolios (e.g., tax, estate planning, etc.)?

No. Tango is geared exclusively toward adaptive asset allocation of portfolios. We believe services beyond that are a key part of the value investors can receive from working with a financial professional. Tango is here to supplement the advisor’s relationship to the investor, not replace it.